About Us

Neptune Clothing was born out of an interest in saving the planet and looking good doing it!

As human beings, we have a duty to protect and reverse the damage that we have done to our home planet.
300 million tons of plastic is produced each year and half of this is single-use. Around 8 – 12 million tons of this plastic ends up in our oceans per year.

Neptune Clothing is trying to promote, through good design and ethical practices to help make people aware of the problem. Not only do we produce eye catching designs, we also only use eco- friendly methods and products.

100% of our clothing is made from eco friendly and ethical materials, we use 100% organic cotton and 40/60% rPet and organic cotton blend depending on the style.

We only ever use water-based inks, which gives a real rustic feel.

We also carbon-offset our energy to create a truly sustainable and eco friendly way of producing top quality products for you to help raise awareness.

All of our products are Fair Wear, Organic and Recycled.

A £1 donation per sale goes to our charity partners to save the environment.

Our sustainability shows –

  • Recycled Packaging
  • Carbon Offset
  • Re-use of water
  • Eco-Friendly Ink
  • Traditional skills
  • Renewable powered business