Charity Partners

We have teamed up with PlasticSeas as our official charity partner. They fit right in with our ethics and support us back. We donate £1 per every sale made to this fantastic cause that helps keep our oceans clean..

With an estimated 8 million tons of plastic waste entering our waterways each year, PlasticSeas was formed to tackle this issue head on. We are not an ethical clothing company, nor are we a jewellery company. We are not a beach clean group. We are all of these in one!

To fund our cleanup projects we rely on selling high quality ethical goods such as T-shirts and bracelets. Our T-shirts are made to every possible Eco-friendly standard known. They are high quality organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles and organic mix. Our bracelets are made by Ghanaian craftsmen and women who make the recycled glass and plastic beads, and string them with recycled nylon from ghost fishing gear.

For every £15 spent on or one of our exclusive partners we will take 1kg of waste plastic from the oceans. We actively collect waste plastic from many different sources including beach cleans, diverting waste to be reused, we have a team of volunteers and paid staff that collect waste using our different water and land craft.

PlasticSeas is a UK based team of roving environment lovers. We organise activities around the globe with our specialist world partners.

Plastic Seas