Corporate Social Responsibility –

Wage Responsibility

  • Right to a fair wage – We believe that everyone has the right to a fair wage, regardless of what country you come from. Most of our products are made in India and Turkey which is renowned for paying a very poor wage. All of our products are made within the ‘Fair Wear’ guidelines which effectively up to doubles the maker’s wage by paying an extra 10p per garment to the individual worker. In impoverished countries this is extremely important to us.

Economy Responsibility

  • Circular Fashion Economy – Neptune Clothing is a complete circular economy – All of our products are 100% recyclable – this includes the garments, packaging and all energy used to produce these are from renewables. Once the items are sold we donate a minimum of £1 GBP (per sale) to various charities who we believe align with our ethos in the removal of plastic from our seas and the protection of animals in the ocean. When the product is at the end of the life we purchase the items back by way of 20% discount code to use on any further purchases. Once we have the items back we will either reuse or recycle.

Environment Responsibility

  • Environment – Obviously our main aim is to reduce the amount of plastic pollution we have in the world. Some of our products are made from 40% post user PET bottles and 60% post user organic cotton or 100% organic cotton. This not only takes plastic away from the chain to potentially end up in the ocean and also reduces the impact on the planet by re-using cotton that has already been processed. There are no pesticides in the cotton in our products. Our tags are made from recycled board, our energy and IT suppliers are powered by renewables – including our own solar farm.

Emission Responsibility

  • Carbon Offsetting – For all of the factors we cannot control we use various projects around the world to carbon offset our footprint. We have contributed to renewables in India, clean cooking in Ghana and boreholes in Malawi.

Education Responsibility

  • Education – We use our social media platforms to share stories good and bad to educate our followers on how the environment is changing. We also have an education station being built – a mobile trailer which will be used at events to educate people how to reduce their plastic footprint and also we will be using it as a base for our own beach clean events.