Organic Vs Recycled

RecycleAs one of the UK’s leading eco, ethical and recycled clothing brands, we thought we’d weigh on the pros and cons of our industry to help you make an informed choice –


A great deal of our garments are made from 40% rPET (recycled plastic bottles) and 60% recycled organic cotton. A polyester blend is great and it actively uses single use plastics in a sustainable way. 5 recycled plastic bottles are used to make up the 40% of each t-shirt. However, using plastic in this way also has a potential to be harmful to the environment.

Polyester blend fabrics release ‘microfibres’ into our water courses, this is one of the biggest threats to our oceans. It’s these ‘microplastics’ that are being ingested in the whole food chain. There are ways you can significantly reduce the amount of ‘microfibres’ released from your garments – Wash them less! Only wash clothing when it really needs it, not only do you save water and electric it also makes the garment last longer. Wash at a cooler temperature, theres no ned to wash at 60 degrees anymore, 30 will do for almost any garment! Use a ‘Guppy catcher’ ideal for catching those tiny micro fragments. Air dry, hang the clothes out to dry and not only will it save electric from the tumble dryer it will also smell nicer.

Organic –

Organic cotton is made in the same way as regular cotton, the difference being is the use of chemicals and pesticides in the growing process. By eliminating these chemicals, the garments are far ‘greener’ to the environment and the people making them. Organic cotton generally uses a lot less water to grow so will save that way too.

Organic Cotton can rightly be called the most skin-friendly, most soothing, and most harmless natural fiber. While conventional cotton can sometimes be irritating to newborn skins, Organic Cotton is never like that. It is the ideal material for protecting and cleaning newborn babies, particularly for making clothes, bandages, covering and cleaning wounds, baby crib beddings, baby clothes, towels, and thousands of such things.

The choice? – Well, we leave that up to you. We believe in all of our products and have sourced them specifically to have a mix of items. We strongly believe that by choosing either the recycled or organic you are making a by far better choice than standard fabrics. There is no reason that any material needs to be made from virgin products. We want all clothing to eventually be made from predominantly recycled and 100% organic cotton. Our main goal here at Neptune is to ensure that these products become the ‘norm’ rather than a gimmick!

If we dont then the planet will be unable to sustain life for very much longer.

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