Adult Bamboo Socks

Adult Bamboo Socks


If you have ever had problems with uncomfortably tight legged socks leaving ugly constriction rings behind, or even cutting off your circulation, then you’ll really appreciate this triple pack of Gentle Grip Plain Bamboo Socks, made using specially woven HoneyComb Tops, able to hold to the natural contours of your legs without tightness.

The bamboo blend used for these socks is silky and super-soft, cool and kind to the skin but remains comfortably warm at all times because of its heat regulating fibres. Bamboo’s natural antibacterial properties can also help protect against infections and foot odour. Gentle Grip Plain Bamboo Socks have added strengthened heels and toes as well, for increased durability.

Available in Mens (size 6-11) and Womens (size 4-8)


77% Viscose from Bamboo 17% Polyester 5% Nylon 1% Elastane


3 Pair Pack


  • Standard toe seams
  • Gentle Grip HoneyComb Top cuffs
  • Strengthened toes and heels; Non binding legs to avoid restriction and pressure hotspots
Weight .130 g

Mens, Womens