Turtles cant tell the difference tee

Turtles cant tell the difference tee


Jellyfish, plastic bags, balloons; these all look like food to a hungry sea turtle. But plastics and trash don’t belong inside a sea turtle or in the ocean at all. They can lead to a number of environmental problems. They are especially dangerous for marine animals that can become entangled or accidentally ingest these items while feeding. Once ingested, the plastic items can cause a variety of issues. Digestive tracts can become blocked, which can lead to starvation and death. Over 100 million marine animals die each year due to marine debris, according to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

We donate £1 per sale to our charity partners so we can help clean up our oceans.  These tees are 100% recycled and recyclable. We even give you 20% off your next purchase when these are worn out.

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